beautiful:sunday | Self in Photography | 2010-2012 / 2007

beautiful:sunday | Photography Series | 2010-2012

beautiful:sunday is a series consisting of more than a hundred edited photographs. It’s perceived as a project of self-portraits with an invisible self but traces of life as reflections of the self in edited photographs. Photos taken and edited every Sunday for two years were a space for physical, psychological and social questioning through photographs. The project is a personal visual research into everyday life and self-inquiry.

The Artist as the Object of Photography: Self-Portrait in Photography

Fotoğrafın Nesnesi Olarak Sanatçının Kendisi: Fotoğrafta Özportre.

Master of Arts Thesis in Photography, Institute of Fine Arts at the Marmara University, Istanbul, 2007. (Unpublished)

This thesis with the title “The Artist as the Object of Photography: Self-Portrait in Photography” aims at displaying self-portraits in art history with a focus on the period from the invention of photography till 2000s. Based on findings from psychology, it analyses the history of photographic self image through the tensions between “subject” and “object” and their transitive characteristics. It displays the physical, intellectual and social aspects that effect self-portrait production in photography and examines a series of photographic self-portraits taking into consideration the position of the artist in contemporary art world, social and cultural changes and their influences on artistic strategies.

2010-2012 © Eylem Ertürk

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