Fall From A Balcony | 2018/2020

Handmade book presented in 20 limited editions. Edition 1/20 (+2AP). Indigo print, photographs overpainted with ink. (2018/2020)

Fall From A Balcony is a visual presentation of the research into the use of balconies by political figures. It questions the relations between space and power through images in recent history and today. Public balconies have been used for political performance and propaganda many times by presidents and dictators as a tool both to demonstrate power and menace their opponents. Balconies have also become a space for political crimes, as well as for actions and protests by revolu­tionaries, rights defenders, artists … They are scenes for rising up and falling down.

The handmade book of 80 pages presents media representations of bal­cony speeches and other political actions on balconies from different geographies, mainly in the last century. By displaying various examples with minor interventions to the images, the work proposes to look at different figures and forms in the continuous use of a place for the proclamation of, struggle for, and protest against power.

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