Perform2012 | 2011-2012

İstanbul, Rotterdam, Amsterdam | Co-organiser

2012 © Eylem Ertürk 

Officially presented by PARC: International Performing Arts Re­search and Production Association in Istanbul; Perform2012 was initiated and implemented by Pelin Başaran, Burcu Barakacı and Eylem Ertürk to organize performing arts activi­ties during 2012 collaborations in the Netherlands and Turkey. It promoted various levels of collaboration between different groups of artists and audience, different scales of cultural organisations and institutions, different features and dynam­ics of cities and communities by building and organising bilateral performing arts activities in two countries: Istanbul Performing Arts Platform, Co-production Program and Performing Arts Circulation Program in Istanbul, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


Istanbul Performing Arts Platform | Various venues in Istanbul | 5–8 April 2012

Mothers Workshop by Ro Theater

Antalya 3. International Theater Festival

15–16 May 2012

Snapshot Istanbul | Rotterdamse Schowbourg, Rotterdam | 16 November 2012

Countdown | Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Istanbul | 20 November – 4 December 2012 (as an outcome of the co-production program between April–November 2012)

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