Book | Local Cultural Policies Handbook | 2011

Local Cultural Policies Handbook: Steps, Tools and Case Studies

İstanbul Bilgi University Press & European Cultural Foundation

Editor & Co-author | TR & ENG

Participation of local governments, civil so­ciety, public and private institutions, as well as the inhabitants of a city in the planning, development and implementation of cultural programmes is important in terms of devising plans with long-term applicability and du­rable impact. Local Cultural Policies Hand­book: Steps, Tools and Case Studies was compiled to this end, to underline this priority, and contribute to discussions around local cultural policies in Turkey by presenting case studies of plans and projects developed in a participatory and inclusive manner. Designed as a practical resource for municipalities and civil society organisations working in the field of culture, the publica­tion pulls together new methodological tools and diverse practical experiences from civic participation in local cultural policy develop­ment from across Turkey. With contributions by renowned experts, and edited by Eylem Ertürk, it is based on knowledge and field experiences gathered from the project Invisible Cities: Building Capacities for Local Cultural Policy Transformation in Turkey by the European Cultural Foundation, Anadolu Kültür and Cultural Policies and Management Research Center (KPY) at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Ertürk, Eylem, ed. Yerel Kültür Politikaları El Kitabı: Adımlar, Araçlar ve Örnekler. İstanbul: İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Yayınları, 2011.

The book was published originally in Turkish ISBN: 978-605-399-191-5

Ertürk, Eylem, ed. Local Cultural Policies Handbook: Steps, Tools and Case Studies. Translated by Liz Amado. Istanbul: Istanbul Bilgi University Press, 2011.

The English translation is available by ECF – European Cultural Foundation


Foreword | 7

A Handbook for Local Cultural Policies | 9

On Cultural Policies in Turkey | 13

On Cultural Policies, Sustainability and Participation | 21

Culture and Human Rights

Culture and Human Development

From Rights to Policies

Culture, the Fourth Pillar of Sustainability

Globalisation and Cultural Policies

Globalisation, Cities and Culture

Uniting Cities at a Global Level

The Agenda 21 for Culture

The Participation of Citizens in Policy-making

Institutional Innovation and Citizenship

Developing Local Cultural Policy – Steps, Tools and Case Studies | 47

Step 1 Learn About the City

Step 2 Get to Know Inhabitants

Step 3 City Analysis

Step 4 Objectives for the City

Step 5 City Action Plan

Step 6 Programs, Projects and Activities

Step 7 Evaluation

Authors and Contributors | 135

References | 138

Legislation | 142

List of Tools and Case Studies | 143

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