Project Book | The Public Turn in Art | 2007

The Public Turn in Contemporary Art – Project Book

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Co-editor | TR & ENG

The Public Turn in Contemporary Art consists of a series of activi­ties on the role of contemporary art in the creative transformation and democratisation of public space. The project brought to­gether artists, writers, art histo­rians and theoreticians working on the subject, where the theme was discussed in panels, artist talks, public talks, a documen­tation exhibition and a book. Curated by Pelin Tan, the project was initiated and implemented by Istanbul Bilgi University and santralistanbul in cooperation with (Thessaloniki), University of Art and Design Helsinki and Maison des métallos (Paris).

Aksoy, Asu, and Eylem Ertürk, eds. Kamusal Alan ve Güncel Sanat – The Public Turn in Contemporary Art. Translated by İlkay Baliç Ayvaz and Özlem Ünsal. Istanbul: Istanbul Bilgi University Press, 2007. | Out of print

The book was published originally in Turkish and English ISBN: 978-605-399-019-2

© Minna Henriksson


Introduction | 10

Project Partners

Santralistanbul | 20 | 25

University of Art and Design Helsinki | 28

Maison des métallos | 31

Artist Talks and Panel Meetings | santralistanbul

Art and Negotiation in Public Space | 39

The Change of the Regimes of Aesthetics of Art Practices in Public Spaces | 45

Public Space, Contemporary Art and Politics | 50

Public Talks for Public Arts & Interviews

On Public Arts… |, Thessaloniki-Greece | 55

Possibilities of Public Art in Built Surroundings |

University of Art and Design Helsinki, Helsinki-Finland | 63

Dynamics of City and Possibilities of Cultural Transformation |

Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Eskişehir-Turkey | 70

Local Dynamics, Geographies and Cross-Possibilities |

DSM Diyarbakır Arts Centre, Diyarbakır-Turkey | 76

What is the Use of Art? | Maison des métallos, Paris-France | 79


Energy Room! | Documentation Exhibition on Public Arts | 87

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